Sanctions and relatively low oil prices will most likely stay as is in near future, said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said.

“We shouldn’t kid ourselves, most likely [sanctions and oil prices] will stay as is in the near future,” he said.

“We’re going base our actions on a conservative forecast,” he said.

The Russian Cabinet of ministers will have to move to external risks and sustainable growth from adapting the economy, Medvedev emphasized:

“We have to move from the adaptation of the economy to external risks, to placing it onto the path of sustainable growth, to try and give this development good momentum, despite the fact that previous negative factors, sanctions, and relatively low oil prices are still in place,” he said.

The premier noted that the most important task for the Cabinet is to fulfill their obligations, primarily social. In addition, he called to provide for economic growth. “We have the tools to solve current problems, and they have been once again defined, the budget has been adopted, the framework of priority projects has also been defined,” he said.

Medvedev also reminded that he discussed with the Cabinet members a list of measures aimed at ensuring sustainable socio-economic development in 2017. He added that he is waiting for that document with suggestions for further support measures to individual sectors of the economy, to sign before the end of the week.