The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) released its October statistics. According to it, unemployment increased 3,2%, in comparison to the unemployment statistics in October, 2014. Brazil is now registering its highest unemployment rates since 2007, when it was 8,7%.

There are currently 1,9 million unemployed people in Brazil.


Among all Brazilian States, the State of São Paulo registered the highest increase in unemployment rates. In October 2014, unemployment in São Paulo was 4,4%. Now it is 8,1%.

All other States registered increases. In Salvador, it was 8,5%, and now it is 12,8%. In Recife, rates changed from 6,7% to 9,8%; in Belo Horizonte, from 3,5% to 6,6%; in Rio de Janeiro, from 3,8% to 6%; in Porto Alegre, from 4,6% to 6,8%.