© SCO-BRICS summit's photohost agency/Archive
© SCO-BRICS summit’s photohost agency/Archive


The second meeting of BRICS Bank’s board of directors will be held late in November, Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister Sergey Storchak said on Friday.

“The second meeting of the board of directors will be held in twentieth days of November,” the deputy minister said. The agenda is expected to include resolutions on preparation of internal policies of the bank. “The task of the president and vice presidents is to set out internal policies and there are many of them,” Storchak said.

No screening criteria for projects have been available so far, the deputy finance minister said. “Clearly these should be financially viable projects, in line with goals and mission of the bank,” he added.

The first project of the BRICS Bank is expected to be financed by April 1, 2016, Storchak said.

Russia “will not have any problems with the first tranche of the contribution to either AIIB [Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank — TASS] or the New Development Bank,” the deputy finance minister said.