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© Egor Aleev/TASS


Russia’s revenues from export of oil products plummeted 48.3% year-on-year in January – May 2016 to $16.8 bln, according to the Russian Federal Customs Service report published on Friday.

Export of oil products declined 13.5% year-on-year in physical terms to 66.7 mln tonnes in the reporting period. Export of oil products to the non-CIS countries fell by 13.2% to 63.8 mln tonnes, to the CIS countries – declined by 17.7% to 2.9 mln tonnes. Export of Russian oil dropped in value terms by 34.3% year-on-year in January-May to $26.139 bln.

In January-May of 2015 this indicator was $39.814 bln. The actual volume of oil export also increase by 4.65% in the reporting period to 105.849 mln tonnes versus 101.142 mln tonnes a year earlier.

The bulk of oil was exported to non-CIS countries, with the price of supplies amounting to $24.134 bln versus $37.235 bln in January-May 2015.

Revenues from oil supplies to CIS countries totaled $2 bln versus $2.58 bln a year earlier. The actual volume of oil exports to non-CIS countries was 95.8 mln tonnes, to CIS – 10 mln tonnes.


Imports of machinery, equipment

The customs service said the year-on-year volume of machinery and equipment imports to Russia in January – May 2016 fell 10.6% to $28.5 bln.

Machinery imports from non-CIS-countries [wide range of equipment, including energy and special equipment, special motor vehicles, ships and aircraft – TASS] amounted to $26.9 bln; from CIS countries – to $1.7 bln in the reporting period.

At the same time, in January – May 2016 Russia exported machinery and equipment to $7.1 bln, 25.8% lower than during the same period in 2015.


The cars’ import

The report says Russia’s cars imports decreased by 32.8% year-on-year in January-May 2016 to 103,000.

In monetary terms imports total $2.2 bln, 24.3% less than a year earlier.

Imports of cars from the non-CIS countries dropped 32% year-on-year to 99,700 cars, totaling $2.1 bln in money terms. The like-for-like imports of cars from the CIS-countries almost doubled to 3,300 cars, amounting to $54.3 mln in money terms.

Russia’s trucks import dropped 20% year-on-year to 6,900 in January – May 2016. Trucks import fell 32.6% year-on-year in money terms to $355.8 mln.

Imports of trucks from the non-CIS countries fell 28% on an annualized basis to 5,600 vehicles worth $176.3 mln. Imports of trucks from the CIS-countries plummeted 71.4% year-on-year to 1,200 vehicles amounting to $179.6 mln in monetary terms.

Russia’s car exports totaled 26,900 in five months of 2016, which is 33% less than in the similar period of the last year. In monetary terms car exports totaled $413.1 mln and declined by 2% year-on-year. In particular, exports of cars to the non-CIS countries rose 4 times to 8,200 worth $213.4 mln in money terms. Exports of cars to the CIS countries fell 50% year-on-year to 18,700, or $200 mln.

The like-for-like exports of trucks fell 29% to 4,700 in the reporting period and totaled $119.2 mln.

Exports of trucks to the non-CIS countries rose 25% year-on-year to 2,500 or $82.5 mln in money terms. Supplies of trucks to the CIS countries dropped 50% year-on-year to 2,300, or $36.8 mln.


The export of ferrous metals

The regulator said  Russian companies lowered export of ferrous metals in January – May 2016 by 0.5% year-on-year to 17.2 million tonnes.

In value terms, the export of ferrous metals declined by 28% to $4.9 bln.

Deliveries into non-CIS countries grew by 1.5% to 15.2 million tonnes worth $4.2 bln, while export to CIS countries plummeted 13.4% to 2 mln tonnes worth $755 mln.

Coal export rose 3% to 61.1 mln tonnes worth $3.1 bln. The shipments of iron ore fell by 25% to 7.3 mln tonnes in the amount of $287 mln.

Russia’s import of steel pipes in January – May 2016 rose 28.7% to 182,500 tonnes in the total amount of $273.6 mln.


The copper export

The report says Russian exports of copper fell by 9.4% year-on-year in January – May.

In particular, exports of aluminum decreased by 6.4%, exports of nickel increased by 1.3%.

According to the FCS statistics, in January-May, Russian companies exported 214,900 tonnes of copper and its alloys, 1.4 million tonnes of aluminum and 84,500 tonnes of nickel.

In monetary terms aluminum exports fell by 37% to $1.98 billion in January-May, nickel exports decreased by 37% to $712.5 mln, copper exports by 29% to 994 mln. This decline was due to a significant reduction in metal prices.


The export of potash fertilizers

According to the report, Russia’s export of potash fertilizers dropped 35% year-on-year in January -May 2016 to 3.86 mln tonnes.

Total export sales revenues from potash fertilizers declined 46% to $863 mln.

Export of NPK fertilizers from Russia swamped 2.6% in the reporting period to 3.8 mln tonnes. In money terms, supplies of NPK fertilizers declined 14% to $1.2 bln.

Russia’s export of nitrogen fertilizers rose 20% in January-May 2016 to 4.97 mln tonnes. Revenues in this segment dropped by 10.7% to $945 mln.