The integration within multi-sided formats such as ASEAN or BRICS, should be closer squared with interests of local business, Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Tuesday.

“In order to get more advantageous terms for our enterprises it is necessary to embed in cooperation chains, to gain special trade regimes with particular countries and integrations,” he said, adding that Russia is involved in “this work, particularly within the EAEU, in multi-sided formats such as ASEAN and BRICS.”

“All this should be closer squared with business interests,” he added.

According to Medvedev, it is necessary to simplify export and regulation procedures, to provide “world-class export environment without excessive requirements in the area of customs regulation, export and currency control, with a clear permit registration procedure.” Also, he said, it is necessary to develop mechanisms of public-private partnership in the field, to engage various business associations “so that businessmen decide themselves how to manage their growth.”