Adygea-based Adyg-Yurak company imported the first lot of tomatoes from Syria via Novorossiysk port on the Black Sea and plans to deliver over 6,000 tonnes of vegetable and fruit to Russia by the end of this year, chief executive of the company Aslan Panesh told TASS on Wednesday. Products will be supplied to Russian retailer Magnit, the businessman said.

“Plans on supply of products from Syria we tried to implement over the last two years are eventually brought into life. The first 50 tonne lot of tomatoes was delivered by water transport to Novorossiysk and has already appeared on shelves of Magnit chain stores. Russia’s import of vegetables and fruit from Latakia and Tartus will be up to 6,000 tonnes,” Panesh said.

The company will import potatoes, onions, tomatoes, sweet cherry, cauliflower, aubergines, plums and peaches from Syria’s Tartus and Latakia provinces not affected by war, the businessman said. Vegetables and fruits will be sold only via Magnit retail chain so far, Panesh said.

“We plan to achieve import of 80-90 thousands of vegetable and fruits per year from Syria in spring 2018. To this end we invest $5-10 mln into organization of deliveries. Vegetable and fruit packaging aspects are also discussed now; the company intends to set up internal packaging shops for each kind of products,” he added.