Rusal, a leading global aluminium producer, and Sauer, a worldwide leading manufacturer of metal-cutting machine tools, have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop the 3D printing technology for industrial use of aluminium and aluminium alloys, Rusal said in a press release on Wednesday.

According to the memorandum, the two companies will jointly develop a 3D technology for products made of aluminium and aluminium alloys. The technology will be used to print aluminium parts applied by customers in the machinery-producing, aerospace and automotive sectors, the report said.

Rusal will develop aluminium alloys for their conversion into powders, which will then be tested and qualified by Sauer equipment. The parties will also perform joint assessments of the quality of aluminium, aluminium alloys and powders produced for 3D printing. Sauer will provide the necessary equipment as well as supporting the setup of new production and promoting the products made using the new technology among its own customers.

“The key benefit of 3D printing technology is its ability to make industrial parts of any shape and complexity that cannot be produced using conventional means. Also, the technology is practically waste-free,” Rusal’s Director for New Projects Alexey Arnautov was quoted as saying.

In 2015, Rusal accounted for around 7% of the global aluminum production and 7% of alumina. The company is present in 20 countries and sells its products in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Japan, China and Korea.