Structure of the trade turnover between Russia and China is becoming more mature due to increasing supply of equipment to the Chinese market, Russian President Putin said on Monday at the press conference on the results of the G20 summit.

“Yes, our volume of trade turnover with China has fallen slightly, but we are not distracted by it, as something more important is happening, in my opinion. The structure of our turnover is changing, it becomes more mature, the number of machines and equipment that we supply to the Chinese market is growing,” Putin┬ásaid.

Russia and China are implementing very large and promising projects in high-tech sectors, Putin added. “It is not just nuclear energy, although this is very important, but also aircraft, aerospace, microelectronics. We have a lot of joint activities, and this is a big plus in our bilateral relations – diversification and volume,” Putin said.

The President also praised China’s contribution to the development of the global economy, noting that China is a leader in terms of economic growth. “We are all the more happy about this, because in the country dimension – China is our largest economic partner,” he added.