Russian President Vladimir Putin has pointed out that Russia must remain a secular state in relations with all religions.

“Ours is a secular state, let us not forget about that in relations with all confessions,” he said at a meeting of the human rights council on Thursday. “This is an extremely important affair.”

“It is wrong to say that our state is secular in relations with one religion only to forget this in relations with another,” he stated.

Putin suggests Russia’s history should unite, not divide society

Russian President Vladimir Putin added that Russian society should remember both the bright and dark chapters in its nation’s history.

He stressed the need to immortalize the memory of victims of political repression. “We should learn to perceive our country’s past as it really is, we should remember both the bright and tragic chapters of our history,” the Russian president said.

“History’s lessons should unite rather than divide us. They should contribute to preserving civic peace and accord,” Putin concluded adding he had already raised that issue in his state-of the-nation address to the Russian Federal Assembly (parliament) on December 1.