Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law making possible to issue electronic visas to foreign citizens for entry to Russia via Vladivostok free port. The document approved earlier by the Russian parliament was posted on the official web-portal of legal information on Tuesday.

The territory of Vladivostok free port covers all key ports in the south of the Far East from Zarubino to Nakhodka and Knevichi Airport.

“Almost all Far Eastern regions and the overwhelming majority of parliament members supported introduction of an absolutely new mechanism for Russia – electronic visas. Simplified visa regime will make possible to attract more investors and tourists, who will find it simpler to go to the Far East,” Russian Minister for Far East Development Alexander Galushka said in a comment. Participants and guests of the third Eastern Economic Forum to be held on September 6-7 will be able to take advantage of electronic visas, the minister added.

Single business, tourist and humanitarian electronic visas with the authorized period of stay up to 8 days will be issued without a consular fee to foreign citizens coming to Russia via border crossings in Vladivostok free port. Foreigners will be able to visit any of five Far Eastern regions where the free port regime is in place – Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories, Sakhalin Region, Chukotka and Kamchatka. They will have an opportunity of free travel within the entry regions.

Foreign citizens with electronic visas should leave Russia also via the border crossings in Vladivostok free port territory.