New technologies in transport sector such as Hyperloop, will be a priority of Russia’s National Technological Initiative, presidential aide Igor Levitin told TASS.

Levitin was speaking at the Forum of Strategic Initiatives.

“Currently there is a new form of transport – Hyperloop. There have not been any new means of transport for about 50 years. That is why everyone wants to find the most effective way to deliver cargos and passengers. What is going on here is very important or players of transport sector,” he said on the sidelines of the forum.

The Hyperloop technology anticipates movement of transportation means in vacuum inside the pipe with the speed up to 1,200 km per hour.

According to Levitin, there are also other new developments in the field of transport that will be supported as part of the Strategic Initiatives Agency.

Russia to join ranks of top ten technology powers by 2035

The Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) said Thursday Russia is to become one of top ten technology powers by 2035.

“Successful implementation of the NTI strategy will make possible to create conditions during the first decade, according to which the Russian high technology business will account for a half of the Russian economy by accumulated macro indicators, securing Russia’s presence among top ten technology powers,” the ASI said.

The number of high-skilled specialists working on new markets will be over 10 mln, the ASI reported. Labor productivity in NTI sector will be five times higher than in low-tech industries, the Agency said.