NEW DELHI: India is organising an international dialogue in Delhi on March 10-11 to present a model of ‘no strings attached’ assistance to developing countries that is unlike the western model of conditional assistance followed by the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development.

South-South Cooperation has emerged as a parallel mechanism to support global quest for improved quality of life across the world, according to a background note on the conference that is being held by the external affairs ministry in collaboration with the state-run think tank Research and Information System for Developing Countries.

Several experts on development related subjects from Asia, Africa and South America will be part of the conference. The shifting of the global centre of gravity from north to south is increasingly evident, especially in the areas which are significant for further economic development in the south.

The areas of development include financing and partnership, peace and security, environment, people centred development, and science, technology and innovation.

This shift has been fuelled by rapid and sustained economic growth over a fairly long period of time in the emerging economies including India over the past decade, officials said.

The conference, which will be inaugurated by oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan, will seek to situate SSC within the context of broader global macroeconomic context. The first plenary session will explore issues associated with the idea of global justice.