In the Chinese city of Suifenhe in 2016, a Russian street will be set up to attract Russian companies, where businessmen from Russia will be granted a free trade area, an employee of the market office and surveillance of the city administration of Suifenhe, Yan Tintin, told Sputnik.

“Because Suifenhe borders the Primorsky Territory of the Russian Federation, it was decided to create such a street. The aim is to attract Russian businesses to trade in traditional goods, which will create a kind of Russian cluster. This, in turn, will enhance the international status of the city and will attract more foreign visitors. It will enhance the economic and social development of the city,” Yan Tintin said.

According to her, the location of the street has already been determined.

“A bakery, bars and cafes are planned to be constructed there. Russian entrepreneurs are exempt from paying rent in March this year, representatives of the Russian business from the Far East are already planning to visit Suifenhe to discuss concrete business plans,” she said.

“The relevant authorities will support the registration of licenses and certificates, as well as provide the necessary consulting services,” Tintin said.

Suifenhe is a city in northeast China. It is a city located in Heilongjiang Province. It is on the border with Russia and is China’s gateway to Vladivostok. Between the city and the settlement of Pogranichniy, which is Russia’s Primorskiy Territory, there is an automobile border crossing point. The population of the city is 2.8 million people.