Experts have begun to decode the black boxes of the Russian Su-24M bomber that was brought down by the Turkish Air Force in the skies over Syria last month, the Defence Ministry said at its official website.

“Representatives of the Defense Ministry will address a news briefing at 10:00 hours on December 18 at the CIS Interstate Aviation Committee (22/2 Bolshaya Ordynka Str., Moscow) in connection with the start of retrieval and decoding of data from the onboard flight control instruments of the Su-24M bomber brought down over Syria on November 24, 2015 by a Turkish fighter jet,” the report said.

The incident involving the Su-24M and an F-16 fighter of the Turkish Air Force took place in the area of the Syrian-Turkish border on November 24. The Turkish authorities claim the Russian warplane had broken into the Turkish airspace.

The Russian Defense Ministry said there was no breech of the Turkish aerospace. President Putin warned the Turkish side the attack on the bomber would bring on serious consequences for bilateral relations.