President Dilma reiterated, on November 15, her repulse against the terrorist attacks in Paris.

She said that “all the Brazilians are shocked with the atrocities coordinated by the Islamic State that generated hundreds of deaths and suffering last Friday, in Paris. A joint international action is extremely urgent to combat terrorism.”

Antalia (Turkey) – BRICS Presidents (Roberto Stuckert Filho/PR)Roberto Stuckert Filho/PR

The President is in Antalia, Turkey, to participate in the G20 meeting, expected to continue until the 16th. Before the opening of the G20 talks, she had a meeting with other BRICS presidents, and terrorism was in the agenda.

 Dilma also sent a letter to the French President, François Hollande, expressing her support and solidarity. “Today, everyone is French”, she said on the letter.

The Islamic State assumed the responsibility over the attacks that happened Friday in Paris, and resulted in 129 deaths, 352 wounded and 99 in critical conditions.

France has declared state of emergence and closing borders.