Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff vowed on Wednesday to bring the economy back growing again, calling for unity to overcome the economic crisis.

“My government will fight every day for our country to resume growing, generating jobs in the necessary amount for all Brazilians and families to have better lives,” Rousseff told an official event in Sao Carlos, Sao Paulo state.

She said the government has been taking steps to get the economy back on track, reiterating that this year represents a transition to a new phase with more job generation and growth.

At the event to deliver popular housing units to low income families, Rousseff stressed that it was time to “tighten the belts” as Brazil is going through a rough patch, calling for unity to move forward

“Despite difficulties, the government must provide equal opportunities to the population,” she said, adding “People are different, but access to healthcare and education must be the same.”

Brazil, the world’s seventh largest economy, has entered a steep recession and heavily affected by a major corruption scandal involving state oil giant Petrobras.

Rousseff, whose popularity rating is currently dismal, has faced calls in Congress for her impeachment because of alleged fiscal violations.