China’s Xinhua News Agency officially launched its Portuguese accounts on Twitter and Facebook on Thursday, further extending the agency’s influence in the Portuguese-speaking world.

The newly-launched accounts will provide Portuguese speakers worldwide with a new channel to learn about China and the world, according to Li Jinzhang, China’s ambassador to Brazil.

As China’s state news agency and a global news and information provider, Xinhua can help people in Portuguese-speaking countries, especially Brazil, to learn more about China and deepen mutual understanding, Li added.

Luis Paulino, a China expert at Sao Paulo State University, echoed Li’s words, saying that Xinhua’s social media accounts in Portuguese will help Brazilian people better understand the Asian country.

The information published on Xinhua’s Portuguese social media accounts will mainly focus on Chinese news, international news related to China, and important international events, especially in Latin American and Portuguese-speaking nations. Distinctive coverage of those countries will be prominently featured.

Xinhua News Agency, founded in 1931, is China’s national news agency as well as a global news and information provider.

Headquartered in Beijing, Xinhua has 31 domestic provincial bureaus and 180 branches overseas, which forms an extensive news gathering network that covers almost all corners of the globe.

Xinhua’s Latin American regional office, founded in 1985, currently publishes 300 articles, 500 photos and 50 videos on a daily basis.