The easing of anti-Russia sanctions should start in the financial sector, President of the country’s second-largest bank VTB Andrei Kostin said on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday.

“Personally, I expect the easing of sanctions to start in the financial sector,” he said, adding that “an attempt is being made to hurt (Russia’s – TASS) biggest financial institutions whereas we’re speaking about financial cooperation within G20.” “It seems to me we can expect sanctions lifting,” he added.

Earlier in Davos Kostin said he expects the economic sanctions imposed by the United States against Russia to be eased this year. At the same, he said, there should be no over-reliance on activities of the new US administration in mending relations with Russia.

Kostin also said that he had caught a hint of potential sanctions lifting and the intention to negotiate the issue with Russia, in the statements of the US President elect Donald Trump during his first press conference.