The government program that the Brazilian Democratic Party (PMDB) will present at the party’s foundation meeting is the toughest recent attack on the PT, blaming Dilma Rousseff’s “mistaken” response to “all of the current problems and difficulties” and maintains that, contrary to that preached by the Planalto, the crisis “does, indeed, have internal roots or causes”.

The document Folha was able to access is a preliminary and expanded draft, therefore it is subject to modifications, from the piece that will start to be discussed among party leaders this Thursday (29).

The manifesto will be presented at a congress for the Ulysses Guimarães Foundation, a Center for Research linked to the party, on November 17th.

The program, however, went through the primary PMDB bigwigs. It also included the participation of the economists linked to the party, such as Delfim Netto –one of Vice President Michel Temer’s primary advisors in the economic field.

For the PMDB, the Rousseff government –which it is also a part of– began with a “misdiagnosis” in the economic field. “It wasn’t clear that while fiscal responsibility is crucial for a stable economy, it is not an engine for economic development.”

In addition to attacking the “misdiagnosis” that the deterioration of the economy can be blamed on the international framework, the party says that the fiscal adjustment alone will not allow the establishment of the conditions necessary for the country to “unleash a new, sustainable and lasting growth and development phase”.

“Therefore, It is in this context, that you can perceive how wrong the government’s economic policy really was”.

An ally of the PT (Worker’s Party) since former president Lula’s first term, the PMDB says that Rousseff’s party is waging a “fratricidal political struggle” and is always seeking to reduce its role and importance.