© AP Photo/ Daniel Dal Zennaro, POOL
© AP Photo/ Daniel Dal Zennaro, POOL


Italy will be represented at the SPIEF by country’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

“The invitation to take part in the forum first of all not only proves the high level of our relations. This is a desire to take them to a new level. Our message is that the forum is not a starting point, but a destination for the both countries. A way to follow in the direction of investments’ growth, as well as the growth of joint ventures and industrial cooperation projects,” Ragaglini said in an interview with the Russian Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper.

He also added the forum may strengthen partnership cooperation with the perspective for new investments and new joint ventures including signing a number of agreements between companies.

Ragaglini also noted that no pressure was put on Italy from EU states over its participation in the forum, adding that “there are no grounds for such a pressure”.

The 20th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is set to take place on June 16-18. The forum is organized annually and attended by business representatives and officials from dozens of countries.