Popular, social and trade union movements in Brasilia created the Frente Brasil Popular (FBP, in Spanish) to address the onslaught of conservative forces that seek to remove President Dilma Rousseff from power.

Under the name ‘In defense of Democracy and the Rights of Workers’, the FBP launch will take place this afternoon at a meeting of representatives of a dozen groups, including the Workers Party (PT, in Spanish) and the Brazil Communist Party (PCdoB).

The opening ceremony will be chaired by the leader of the Movement of Landless Workers (MST), Joao Pedro Stedile, and the deputy of the PT Erika Kokay.

The FBP creation is a national effort to achieve unity among the various popular forces of society and combat the onslaught of conservative sectors working to overthrow the current government and impose a new economic policy without inclusion and social justice, highlights the call.

‘In the Federal District, the government of Rodrigo Rollemberg promotes a hard fiscal adjustment. Several sectors of society fight the unpopular measures, such as wage contraction of public servers and increased taxes and tariffs’, it was revealed.

The movements are also complaining about the position of Rollemberg, who ordered the use of force against peaceful demonstrations to silence the claims of teachers on strike for a week now.

Among the participants in this call are the guilds Single Central Organization of Workers (CUT), the Brazilian Workers Confederation (CTB), the movements of Small Farmers (MAP), the World March of Women, the National Union of Students (UNE), the MST, the PT and the PCdoB.

Other Brazilian states already have a FBP, also built by subsidiaries of these social and political groups.