Russia’s largest savings bank Sberbank may free up about 3,000 jobs in 2017 by introducing robot lawyers that are capable to write claims to retail customers, Sberbank Deputy CEO Vadim Kulik said at the Gaidar forum on Thursday.

“In the fourth quarter (of 2016 – TASS) we launched a robot that is capable of writing a statement of claim. This means that almost all claims that are now written by physical persons will be fully handed to these robots in the first half of 2017. That means that only this year we will free up about 3,000 employees,” Kulik said.

According to him, Sberbank has big plans for using robots.

“We produce such robots for a number of sectors,” the top manager said.

According to him, employees, who are discharged due to introduction of robots, will be retrained in order to work in other sectors. He said layoffs are possible if an employee fails to do retraining.

At the same time he called the emerging situation a problem.

“But, anyway, it is a big problem, because the more we succeed, and the more intensively we develop our family of robots, the larger number of specialties it threatens. Currently this problem requires a solution,” Kulik said.