Wintershall is a subsidiary of the German BASF chemical corporation. Last year, the companies signed, then canceled, then completed asset swaps on a 2013 agreement.

“The companies agreed at the first stage to jointly research and improve the chemical flooding technology with the use of surfactant and polymer solutions, as well as to analyze the project’s technical feasibility, which may take several years,” Gazprom Neft said.

A joint technical team of experts would conduct lab tests, hydrodynamic modeling and field tests to determine the more appropriate ratio of surfactants and polymers for use at Gazprom Neft’s oilfields during that time, the company added.

Gazprom Neft Deputy General Director Vadim Yakovlev highlighted the company’s goal of increasing the efficiency of hydrocarbon production, with the initial objective of developing and confirming the “optimum composition” of chemicals.

“The continuous development of capacities makes it possible for Gazprom Neft to stay one of the technological leaders in the Russian oil and gas industry,” Yakovlev underscored.