which will be established by the Eurasec Council, and to discuss a Eurasec draft budget for 2014.

Yuri Ushakov said the heads of state were planning to sign ten documents all in all and to appear in a joint news conference after the signing.

The summit will end with an informal New Year dinner.

The session in Moscow will be held on the background of a knotty economic and political situation. Last week, Russia took resolute steps to rescue Kiev from bankruptcy, as Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich signed a package of documents, one of them on cutting down the price of natural gas that Ukraine imports from Russia.

Also, a decision was taken to invest $ 15 billion from Russia’s National Well-Being Fund in the Ukrainian securities.

Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov is due to come to Moscow from Kiev later in the day and join an expanded session of the Council.