Joint Russian-Indian war games Indra’2016 will be held in the period of July to December 2016 on the Sergeyevsky practice ground in Russia’s Far-Eastern Primorsky (Maritime) territory, Alexander Gordeyev, the chief press officer of the Eastern Military District told TASS after a conference on preparations for the exercise.

The conference was held in Vladivostok.

“Representatives of the Eastern Military District and the Indian Armed Forces came to an agreement to hold the exercise in the second half of 2016 on the Sergeyevsky practice ground in the Primorsky territory,” Gordeyev said. “Also, the sides coordinated the elements of the practical part of the exercise.”

Mechanized infantry units of the combined-arms army of the Eastern Military District stationed in the Primorsky territory and India’s Kumaon infantry regiments will practise the formation of a joint grouping of troops under a UN mandate and will simulate the planning and practical conduct of an antiterrorist operation.

Russia will commit two mechanized infantry companies, as well as mortar, self-propelled howitzer and multiple-launch rocket system batteries, one in each case, air defense, reconnaissance, and chemical units.

India will provide two company-level tactical groups.

All in all, the exercise will involve about 500 servicemen on both sides, Gordeyev said.