Sino-Russian trade turnover for the January-April 2014 period increased by 3.4 percent compared with the first four months of 2013 and amounted to $29.05 billion, according to the data released Thursday by China’s General Administration of Customs.

Chinese exports to Russia grew in the first four months of 2014 by 4% year-on-year, reaching $14.56 billion, the import of Russian goods to China increased by 2.8 % to reach $14.49 billion.

China’s total foreign trade declined in January-April 2014 by 0.5% on an annualized basis, down to $1,324 trillion. The exports from China fell by 2.3 % to $679.78 billion, Chinese imports increased by 1.4%, amounting to $644.54 billion.

In line with the most recent figures, Beijing’s ambassador to Moscow Li Hui earlier lauded the continued growth of Russian-Chinese bilateral cooperation.

Beijing has been cementing its business ties with Moscow amid strained relations between Russia and the EU. Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to visit China in May to sign a number of bilateral agreements, including potential Russian gas supplies to China.