Russia may boost grain harvest to 130 mln tonnes and export to 50 mln tonnes by 2030, Agriculture Minister Alexander Tkachev said at the meeting of the governmental commission on Tuesday.

“The Agriculture Ministry has worked out a draft project of grain farming development till 2030, which implies grain production surging to 130 mln tonnes, which will push export up to 50 mln tonnes,” he said.

According to Tkachev, grain is one of Russia’s key export articles as it accounts for two thirds of the country’s total exports.

Also, Russia’s agricultural sector on the whole and its food exports, including grain, in particular, may become the backbone of the country’s economy similar to the energy sector.

“Russia can export not only crude oil but it can also become the world’s leading grain exporter,” Tkachev said.

In 2015, Russia’s grain harvest stood at 104.8 mln tonnes. In 2008, a record of 108.1 mln tonnes of grain was harvested.

Grain harvest

The minister went on to say that Russia’s grain harvest may go up to 110 mln tonnes in 2016.

“At the moment this year’s rates are twice as big as last year’s as we’re planning to harvest 106 mln tonnes of grain, or even 108 or 110 mln tonnes in case of good weather,” he said, adding that this will allow Russia to keep leading positions on the global wheat export market.

According to Tkachev, this year a total of 34 mln tonnes of grain have been exported, including 24.6 mln tonnes of wheat.

The Ministry plans to increase grain production to 120 mln tonnes till 2020.

Imports of wine materials may be taxed or banned

Tkachev considers it possible to introduce taxes or ban imports of wine materials.

“We’re currently preparing a draft decree aimed at increasing the duty on the one hand and on the other hand at sending a signal to investors that we’re going to close the market of imported wine materials in Russia within 5-7 years. For investors this will be an impetus for using home-produced materials for wine production,” Tkachev said.

Meat production

The ministry said  it expects meat production to rise by 10.8% by 2020 compared with 2015 to 14.9 mln tonnes.

“Russian farmers plan to increase meat production to 14.9 mln tonnes within the nearest five years,” Deputy Director of the Ministry’s livestock breeding and cattle raising department Kharon Amerkhanov said Tuesday.

According to Amerkhanov, poultry production will total 6.6 mln tonnes, pork – 4.8 mln tonnes and beef – around 3 mln tonnes by 2020.

Russia’s milk production will rise by 3.6% compared with 2015 to around 32 mln tonnes by 2020, the ministry said.