Uruguay expects Russia to issue it with a permit for the importation of high-quality meat soon, Uruguayan Minister of Livestock, Agriculture, and Fisheries Tabare Aguerre told Sputnik on Thursday.

“We expect to receive a certificate for high-quality meat deliveries in the coming days. This will create new opportunities to export chilled beef to the Russian market,” the minister said.

On Wednesday, Aguerre signed a memorandum of understanding with Russian Deputy Agricultural Minister Sergei Levin. Russian tariffs on Uruguayan meat imports have been reduced to 15 percent.

Uruguay also hopes to supply Russia with more cheese and mandarins. Russia severed its trade ties with its food suppliers in the European Union in 2014 following a rift over the Ukrainian crisis.

“It is not decided yet, but we have a great opportunity to expand this market,” Aguerre said, commenting on the potential for cheese imports.

He said Uruguay started supplying Russia with mandarins in 2015. “Uruguayan mandarins are of top quality,” the minister added.

The memorandum that was signed on Wednesday by the Russian and Uruguayan agricultural authorities is expected to streamline the flow of goods between the two countries and improve sanitary controls.