Russian business should set up export alliances to enter global markets, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Friday.

“Companies should more actively participate in development of the export support and promotion infrastructure in cooperation with the Export Center on public private partnership principles,” Medvedev said. “Companies from different industries may form their alliances in order to prepare export proposals for the whole cycle, that is, to offer package solutions on foreign markets,” he added. Government’s support alone is not sufficient for a major step forward, the PM said.

Medvedev urged business representatives “to more confidently position themselves as a full-fledged participant in the global specialization of labor, as the supplier of modern products.” The Russian business community has all grounds to do so, he added.

“We form the national system of support for our exporters. We hope that all these measures will help us build up volumes of non-commodity exports not in percentage terms but several times and form a big group of competitive companies exporters,” he said.

The Russian government will continue to support Russian business in terms of increase of exports, but entrepreneurs should act tougher protecting their interests, Medvedev added.

“We need to know a consolidated position of the business, so that we can approve our common agenda. It is clear that the state should support the Russian business, do it explicitly as our colleagues from other countries do when promoting their business abroad,” the premier said.

“They do it in an extremely tough manner, defending interests of their companies on the frontlines and in the rear,” he said.

Russian to support private business

According to Medvedev, the government will continue its policy supporting private business and protecting private property.

“It is obvious that the general course of business support for the development of private business, protection of private property should be continued and strengthened by specific decisions, which include but not limited to privatization. We will continue with privatization deals this year, in particular with large stakes in Rosneft and Bashneft,” the premier said.

Government does not give up plans to privatize Rosneft and Bashneft by year-end, he went on.