Russia was the biggest buyer of Georgian wines in January-February 2014. The National Wine Agency of Georgia reported on Thursday that Georgia’s wine export to Russia amounted to 6,865,545 bottles of wine (0.75 liter bottles), which accounted for 68% of the Georgian wine export.

Aside from Russia, the top five buyers of Georgian wines include Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland and Latvia.

Georgia exported 9,990.387 bottles of wine in the first two months of 2014, a 296% increase on the similar index in 2013.

Georgia exported 47 million bottles of wine to 46 countries in 2013. Out of this number, 23 million bottles, or about 49% of the entire export, went to Russia. Georgia exported only 23, 340,000 bottles of wine in 2012.

There were no Georgian wine deliveries to Russia in 2007-2012. The Georgian wine export to Russia was resumed in June 2013.