In 2014, the Russian government will allocate nearly 2 billion roubles to subsidize agricultural machinery producers. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stated this on Tuesday, opening the conference “On measures to increase the production of contemporary agricultural machinery and on improvement of agricultural producers’ supply.”

“As you know, we decided to subsidize agricultural machinery producers from the federal budget to 15% of their expenditures with the payments in 2013 totaling 430 million roubles,” Medvedev recalled. “We will channel another 2 billion roubles for these purposes in the current year,” he said.

The premier said several enterprises had carried through the procedures to receive the subsidies. Several dozen enterprises are in the process of getting the necessary consents. “This should be done prompter,” the premier said. “I hope all the necessary help from the government as to the methods will be given,” he said.

Medvedev said allocation of funds by Rosagroleasing joint stock company is an additional mechanism to support agricultural machinery producers. “The company’s authorized capital was increased by over 2.2 billion roubles last year with the biggest part of these funds being meant for technical and technological modernization of agricultural production,” the premier said. He said export is another important trend of agricultural machinery producers’ activities.