E.ON Concern head Johannes Teyssen urged politicians to take a responsible position due to the crisis in Ukraine.

In an interview with Spigel on Sunday, Tayssen said, “I don’t want to interfere into foreign political issues. I believe that in the last 10 years our policy in the East can be considered responsible.”

“Trust-based relations between both countries and interrelations between our economies allowed over 6,000 German companies to operate in Russia,” the E.ON Concern head said, adding “Russian companies also operate in Germany.”

“Cooperation between our countries made the situation on the continent peaceful. While cooperating with Russia we survived the Cold War, the war in Afghanistan,” he said.

However, Teyssen said, “Business relations remain good. I believe that politicians should take a responsible position under the current circumstances.”

Despite the crisis in Ukraine “I don’t see any threats to prevent the work of E.ON Concern in Russia. The Russian government pledged to guarantee stable framework conditions for private capital and investments and it kept its promise”, he said.

Russia can use its energy resources as pressure on Europe, Teyssen said. “I can’t hear rumours on dependence. For more than 40 years Europe and Russia maintained energy partnership. Gas has never been used as a strategic weapon against the West.”

Russia continues gas supplies and “it is a reliable gas partner”, Teyssen said.

From 2007 E.ON Concern invested about six billion euro to develop business in Russia.