Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the authorities to carefully calculate and study their plans on creation of tourist facilities in the regions, and to simplify the pattern of interaction between investors and the state.

“There are always doubts about whether someone really wanted to create a new tourist cluster, or just to give a contract to some of his friends,” Putin said, speaking at a forum of the All Russian People Front.

“Contractors have worked, all done, water supply system has been built, the road has been built too, but nobody uses it. Contractors earned money, everyone is happy, even nothing has been stolen, but there is no result. This requires careful attention,” Putin said.

The President said that although the state allocates sufficient funds on creation of infrastructure for travel industry, private investors are not willing to contribute in these projects.

“They often do not invest their funds and use only federal ones. But the share of federal funds is not the biggest one in the total program,” Putin said, stressing the need to improve the quality of infrastructure and to focus on the final result.