Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has praised the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) for the progress it made over five years of its existence.

Speaking at an extended meeting of the agency’s expert council Putin marked a significant reduction of administrative barriers for companies thanks to the implementation of the national business initiative by the ASI.

“I hope that the national investment climate rating you launched will be a serious impetus for the qualitative improvement of the business environment in the Russian regions,” Putin said.

Speaking of the fight against red tape, Putin said that after the introduction of electronic signatures, some authorities began to demand “five electronic signatures” on documents.

“The work of officials is also unlimited. This means that we should not only think what to do and how to simplify the work of businesses but to keep it under control.”

Five years of work – 200 projects

Putin noted that since its establishment five years ago the ASI has supported about 200 projects.

“Let have it straight – all of you have shown a good result,” Putin said to those who were responsible for the implementation of the initiatives.

The President also thanked the ASI for its work, including the agency’s assistance even to small projects in different regions. According to him, as a result of such activities the ASI received a cross section of the problems business faces in the country.