An efficient non-resource export support system should be established by 2017 year-end, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday.

“We must have an operating and efficient system of non-resource export and environmental programs support system already as of the end of the next year and see real results of its operations,” the head of state said.

“Special attention should be paid to financial support of these initiatives and all other priority projects,” the President said.

“We face the task of creating an integrated range of long-term mechanisms and instruments setting new framework for joint work of business, government and public associations in ecology and export development sphere,” Putin said. “All measures in these areas shall be exclusively practical by nature,” he added.

Putin aso noted that Russia’s export of agricultural products will amount to $17 bln by the end of 2016.

“Last year Russia’s food export exceeded $16.2 bln. This year experts expect it to top $17 bln,” he said, adding that the volume of arms export amounts to around $14.5 bln.