Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has called for China’s energy mix to be more in tune with the sustainable development of the economy.

Addressing a meeting of the State Energy Commission on Thursday, Li said China should foster an energy system that is clean, low-carbon, secure and efficient.

“Given the profound changes in the global energy sector and a burgeoning technological revolution, China, as a major energy producer and consumer, must seize the opportunity […] to optimize our energy structure and fix weak areas, including restrictions of resources and the environment, low quality and efficiency, poor infrastructure, and a lack of core technology,” Li said.

China still relies on coal for nearly two thirds of its power supply, making the greening of the energy supply both necessary and urgent.

A plan approved at the meeting on development of the energy sector until 2020 highlights clean coal and new energy technology.

Li urged promoting cleaner and more efficient utilization of coal, which he said is the foremost task in transformation of the energy sector, and called for accelerating the development of hydro, wind, solar and biomass energy.

Nuclear energy shall be developed in safe and efficient way, he said.

Major sectors such as industrial production, construction and transportation must save energy and reduce emissions, Li said.

Outdated production facilities will be upgraded or closed down, according to the premier.

He said the government will actively support private companies to enter the energy sector, currently dominated by state-owned enterprises.

He also called for deepening international cooperation in the energy sector.