Submitted by the Ministry of Economic Development pursuant to the President’s instructions.

This document was prepared under Federal Law No 116-FZ On Special Economic Zones in the Russian Federation, signed on 22 July 2005, in keeping with the criteria for special economic zones (approved by Government Resolution No 398 of 26 April 2012).

This special economic zone was established on a land plot as defined in an agreement on the establishment of the special economic zone that was concluded between the Ministry of Economic Development, the Government of the Astrakhan Region and the Administration of the Narimanovsky District.

The Astrakhan Region will allocate at least 2.455 billion roubles for the necessary infrastructure.

The potential resident companies of the special economic zone plan to implement investment projects worth about 17.4 billion roubles.

The creation of this special economic zone is aimed at enhancing the economic position of Russia in the Caspian Region, increasing Russia’s share of shipbuilding and high-tech production on the world market, increasing tax revenues to the federal, regional and local budgets, boosting the social and economic development of the Astrakhan Region by creating new jobs and industrial facilities and attracting further investment.

The decision will create favourable conditions for building comprehensive facilities for the repair and maintenance of ships; for developing equipment production for exploring offshore fields in the Caspian region; for attracting leading foreign multinationals in equipment manufacturing, and encouraging cooperation with Russian shipbuilders for an exchange of experience and technology.