A draft resolution on code marking and requirements regarding the code marking of fine woods (oak, beech and ash) has been prepared by the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources.

A unit-related code marking system for fine woods (oak, beech and ash; hereinafter, fine woods) using the unified state automated records system for recording timber inventories and timber transactions will provide reliable information on the owner, volume, wood variety and other data needed to determine the legal status of its origin.

When code marking fine woods, a tag will be attached to the butt of each log and will show a unique number only to be used once within a single transaction; information regarding the owner; and the declaration number of a timber transaction. The data on fine wood code marking are fed into the unified state information record system for timber and timber transactions in digital form with an electronic signature.

Fine woods would be code marked by legal entities and private entrepreneurs who export it from Russia. They must comply with the code marking requirements. The requirements will not entail additional obligations on the purchase of expensive equipment or materials.