Russia’s Association of Electronic Communications (REAC) jointly with state agencies is working out a set of measures to stimulate the Internet industry, deputy head of the federal communications and media watchdog Roskomnadzor Maksim Ksenzov told TASS on Friday. According to Ksenzov, these measures would “protect the industry in the taxation sphere and electronic commerce development.”

He said obviously these would be “state programs for the development of the infrastructure of data centers, training of personnel and creation the conditions for their stay in the country.” “To my mind, the work on the e-government development will be continued and we will also continue localization of such major businesses as Google, Facebook and Twitter. We currently hold many meeting in this connection, Facebook and Twitter representatives will pay visits to us in November and December, and Google — in February, that is, we have shuttle diplomacy,” the Roskomnadzor deputy head said.

“Introducing localization, we won’t create many difficulties for doing business, we will just create the general conditions for all and equal competition for Russian and foreign companies. Perhaps, this is the main trend, without political and administrative pressure,” he said.

The deputy head of Roskomnadzor attends an Internet management conference.