Energy Charter officials expect no disruptions in Russian natural gas supplies to the European Union in winter, Energy Charter Secretary General Urban Rusnak said on Friday.

“The sides have assumed certain obligations, which must be fulfilled,” Rusnak told TASS at an international forum in Tokyo.

A “unique situation” that had emerged in the system of energy supplies from Russia to European countries was mainly the cause for a gas price conflict between Moscow and Kiev, he said.
“Consumers on the most distant European markets frequently buy Russian gas cheaper than those who are located 1,500 km closer to Russia,” Rusnak said.

The difference in prices on the common European gas market generates reverse fuel flows, from west to east, he said.

“Gas comes into Europe and travels across the common market in the search for consumers. This fully corresponds to European norms but causes protests from Russia, which believes that gas should not be resold,” Rusnak said.

A set of circumstances and the policy pursued for a long time are to blame for this, he said.