Iran has sent 500 trucks carrying export food products to Russia, Vice President of Iran Chamber of Commerce Mohamadreza Ansari told Sputnik on Wednesday.

In course of the plan on Iran-Russia economic ties’ extension, Tehran intends to intensify exports to Russia, including food products’ exports, Ansari stressed.

“As part of the Ministry of Agriculture’s effort to expand economic ties between Iran and Russia, a few days ago, 500 trucks with food and fruits were sent to the Russian Federation,” Ansari said, noting that the vehicles’ rout lies through Azerbaijan.

Ansari added that another group of trucks with dairy and meat products would be sent to Russia in late January.

Moscow and Tehran have long been developing bilateral economic relations. The cooperation intensified after Russia imposed food ban on Turkey among other economic measures, following the downing a Russian Su-24 bomber by the Turkish Air Force over Syria.