The CPI-M has warned that the present “creeping authoritarianism” in forms other than Emergency like “Hindutva” communalism and “corrosion” of institutions of the State can threaten the country’s democratic system.

The CPI-M gave the warning on the 40th anniversary of Emergency that was clamped by the Indira Gandhi-led Congress government on June 25, 1975 while calling for a multi-pronged fight against these current trends.

“What is required is a multi-pronged fight against neo-liberalism, Hindutva communalism and authoritarianism. They are all fundamentally linked together. Drawing the correct lessons from the emergency of four decades ago will help us in this current struggle,” former CPI (M) general secretary Prakash Karat said.

Karat, in an editorial in the forthcoming issue of party mouthpiece ‘People’s Democracy’, added, “…using emergency powers to usher in an authoritarian regime is not likely to happen again. But what is likely is that authoritarianism in other forms can threaten the democratic system.”

He further said consequences of neo-liberalism, rise of Hindutva communal forces, degeneration of political parties and corrosion of institutions of State have combined presently to presage a “creeping authoritarianism”.

Big capital has invaded the political system, further corroding Parliamentary system, Karat added.

“The Hindutva outfits, with State sponsorship, are on a rampage to impose their values on the religious minorities and transgressing their basic rights. Thus, authoritarianism is increasingly entering the social and cultural spheres.

“This mix of neo-liberal market fundamentalism and Hindutva is a dangerous recipe for authoritarianism,” he claimed.

CPI national secretary D Raja maintained Emergency was an “onslaught” against country’s democracy and accused activities of Hindutva outfits including RSS are an “affront to Constitution”.

“If at all one has to blame anyone (for the present situation), then it has to be Sangh Parivar and RSS. Everyday, the RSS and Sangh Parivar, what they speak, what they do. It is affront to the Constitution of India. The democracy is being undermined,” the Rajya Sabha MP said.

Raja attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying he can think in an autocratic way.

” But Indian democracy will not allow (him do so). Remembering the Emergency, one should keep it in mind that people and democratic forces to remain vigilant,” he said.