GUANGZHOU, China — New-car sales volume at China’s Guangzhou Automobile Group jumped 8.4% on the year for October as the company’s signature vehicles took off and foreign-brand offerings performed well.

The group sold 116,797 autos in total. A joint venture selling Toyota Motor-branded vehicles accounted for 38,012 of those — a year-over-year increase of 11.9%. Sales of Honda-branded cars grew 5.3% to 47,423. Though the company’s proprietary Trumpchi brand trailed other makes, sales soared 91.8% to 23,393 vehicles.

China’s stagnant car market hurt sales at other group partnerships including those with Mitsubishi Motors and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Group sales for the January-October period rose 13.6% on the year to 986,114 vehicles. Production for the same period was up 2% at 994,092 autos, while that for October alone grew 15.1% to 117,837 cars.