According to E-bit Informação, digital buyers in Brazil are evenly split by gender: Exactly 50% of the total are female.

When it comes to age, however, the breakdown is more skewed. More than seven in 10 digital buyers in Brazil are ages 35 or older. The median age in the country, according to the CIA World Factbook, is just 31.9 years old. For comparison, the median age in the US is 39.2 years, and eMarketer estimates that 62.8% of digital buyers in the country are 35 or older. Despite a young overall population, Brazil’s digital buyers are older than their counterparts in the US.

The bulk also have relatively low incomes, according to E-bit.

As the population of digital buyers has risen in Brazil over the past several years, average order values were falling—but are now on the rebound, E-bit found. After years of single-digit declines in average order value, figures began to rise again in 2014, when the average ecommerce purchase in Brazil came to BRL347 ($104). This year, average order values are expected to reach BRL419 ($126).