To purchaPlatinum refiner and specialist Johnson Matthey expects that, in 2014, the platinum market will be in significant deficit for the third consecutive year. However, it contends that this may not be sufficient to support higher platinum prices as long as the market remains adequately supplied from above-ground stocks. South Africa remains the world’s largest producer of platinum, more than 70% of total global platinum in 2013. Active platinum producers in South Africa are struggling against a macro environment that includes substantial market, operational and societal challenges. Particularly notable among these challenges are labour unrest, regulatory uncertainty, high-input cost inflation and an unfavourable metal price environment. These factors, some existing for several years, have become particularly pronounced in recent months, threatening the sustainability and profitability of several South African platinum operations.

Creamer Media’s Platinum 2014 report reviews South Africa’s platinum-sector business environment, with particular focus on labour. It also focuses on the main participants, their operations, projects and exploration activities, as well as other platinum miners and explorers in this sector.

This report is a summary of information published in Engineering News and Mining Weekly, as well as of information available in the public domain.

The report does not purport to provide analysis of market trends.