MUMBAI: Chinese travellers have ranked India as the third most popular destination globally for exploring local culture, behind Japan and Australia, according to a survey.

The Chinese International Travel Monitor survey revealed that travellers from China have ranked India at number three globally for exploring local culture, behind Japan and Australia, which were placed in the first and second slots respectively.

Cambodia and Brunei have been ranked at number 4 and 5, respectively, when it comes to luring the Chinese to explore their local culture.

The survey was conducted by market research firm Ipsos in May 2016, among 3,000 Chinese travellers.

To complement this data with opinions of hoteliers, carried out a global survey of 5,800 accommodation partners.

Chinese travellers have also ranked India at number four in the world as a popular destination for adventure, it said.

They ranked Australia as the best destination for adventure, followed by Cambodia and Japan, it said.

Chinese travellers have ranked the Himalayan country Nepal at number 5 for adventure.

It also found that India is one of the top destinations for the Chinese millennials (people born in the 90s), including experience seekers, indulgers and basic pleasure seekers. predicts millennial as the fastest growing segment, with the group spending over a quarter (27 per cent) of their income on international travel, based on data.

“The personas should encourage the market to think about Chinese travellers in a new light. Perceptions of Chinese travellers as bus tour groups wanting only Chinese breakfasts and Mandarin translations are outdated.

“Our research shows that Chinese travellers are more diverse and sophisticated than ever before,” Vice President and Managing Director Asia Pacific, Abhiram Chowdhry said.