The final report of the Congressional Committee (CPI) investigating the Petrobras scandal handed in on Monday, did not call for any indictments of the politicians investigated in the Lava Jato (Carwash) scandal. According to the commission’s findings Petrobras was a victim of a cartel set up by construction and engineering companies and counted on the ‘complicity of a few corrupt emplyees’.

Although members of the commission interviewed by local media stated that they were in agreement of the report’s findings, there were some Congressional representatives who criticised the result.

“No politician was asked to formally give a statement, and the only one who voluntarily went to speak in front of the commission, Eduardo Cunha (Speaker of the House) did not speak under oath and did not speak the truth to the commission,” said Representative Ivan Valente.

He added that Cunha did not disclose to the fact that he has bank accounts in Switzerland. Valente and others congressional representatives are seeking the re-opening of the CPI and further investigation.

The representative of the CPI, Luiz Sergio, of the government’s PT party, said the report has thirty recommendations for Petrobras, as well as the General Attorney’s Office, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Mines and Energy, which could combat corruption.

The report, according to Sergio, also suggests changes in legislation to discourage bribery and corruption. The CPI’s findings will now go to all the delegates at the House of Representatives for approved. The vote in Congress is expected to occur on Thursday, October 22nd.