Promotional actions developed during the tournament benefit participants businesses

The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) reported that thanks to the significant participation of Brazilian companies and business associations in the Agency´s World Cup Project, the number of deals closed during the tournament exceeded initial estimates. Altogether, the deals assured during the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013tm and those expected to be closed within the next 12 months reaches US$ 1.8 billion, a figure which is almost twice the initially estimated amount.

The sector of Housing and Civil Construction leveraged its profits, being held accountable for deals worth US$ 1.3 billion. The second best performer was the sector of Machinery and Equipment, with sales of US$ 300 million, followed by Agribusiness industries, which negotiated contracts worth US$ 80 million.

“The World Cup Project encompassed a unique opportunity to attract foreign buyers to Brazil not only to do business, but also to visit our agriculture fields, get to know our production methods and be updated on our the technology. I believe that such actions serve as tools for customer retention, help strengthen the ties with existing clients and lead to new business deals. We even sold an one-hundred-thousand-dollar machine with no previous business arrangements”, said Clovis Barbosa, commercial manager at Polimáquinas Indústria e Comércio Ltd., which manufactures machinery and equipment for plastic industries.

The World Cup Project featured the participation of 492 Brazilian companies, 60 business associations and 10 institutional partners, which formed an audience of approximately 1,400 businessmen and opinion makers. The Project included the development of promotional actions in parallel with the organization of 7 games held in 3 different host-cities (Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza). Additionally, 432 business meetings were held in numerous Brazilian states.

“The high level of this unprecedented Project resulted in a number of deals that exceeded our initial estimates. Such performance highlights the distinguished nature of this initiative and consolidates this relationship platform as a powerful trade promotion tool”, explains Ricardo Santana, business director of Apex-Brasil.

Seventeen trading companies also joined the Project and got to schedule business meetings with 15 foreign enterprises from Bolivia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Angola, South Korea, Venezuela, Mexico, Chile, Portugal and the U.S. Deals worth US$ 2.2 million were closed in two days and Agency´s estimates point to other US$ 9.2 million to be secured in the next 12 months.



In addition to the World Cup Project, which covers the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013tm and the 2014 FIFA World Cup Braziltm, Apex-Brasil carries out other initiatives that exploit relationship marketing in major events, notably the Business and Partnership Project, which takes advantage of international events to promote untapped business opportunities. This action encompasses the IndyCar Program, the Brazilian CarnavalBrasil at PBR (professional bull-riding in the U.S.) and Grand Prix. With regard to the IndyCar Program only, activities developed during the 2012 season were joined by 345 foreign companies, 163 Brazilian firms and 26 business associations, building on estimates that point to deals worth US$ 1.1 billion for the next 12 months.

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