13/12/2013 16:00 – Portal Brasil

The (Apex-Brazil) Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments brings to Brazil, from the 11th to 14th of December, a group of nine Japanese buyers from Isetan Mitsukoshi – the largest retail group in Japan, with 29 stores, and one of the largest the world. Specialized in fashion, footwear, food and beverage, design and furniture sectors, buyers of the network will be in Brazil to choose products that will be part of an action that will promote Brazil in 2014, in partnership with 17 industry organizations and with the participation 135 Brazilian companies.

The initiative aims to strengthen the Brazilian position in the Japanese market with high quality, value-added products, introducing the Brazilian lifestyle to customers of Isetan Mitsukoshi through clothing, food, design and culture. The sale of Brazilian products will start in April 2014, with a large promotional campaign and will continue throughout the year. Depending on the response of the Japanese consumer the items will be part of the supply to stores across the country. The action is in line with the Agency’s goal of positioning Brazil in the international market with innovative, high quality products. Japan is one of the leading luxury markets in the world, besides being a reference to other Asian countries. Given the high level of demand from Japanese consumers, the acceptance of “Made in Brazil” is the gateway for Brazilian luxury items into other Asian markets.