The first open bidding for export quotas of rush and rush products in 2013 (only subject to open bidding) will commence on December 25, 2012. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Measures for the Invitation of Bid for Export Commodity Quotas, the Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Invitation for Bids for Agricultural Product Export Quotas (Wai Jing Mao Mao Fa [2001] No. 670) and Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Commerce on Examining Qualifications for Bidding for Export Quotas of Rush and Rush Products in 2013 (Shang Ban Mao Han[2012] No. 1130), the relevant matters are hereby promulgated as follows:

I. Names and H.S. Codes of the Commodities Subject to Bidding

(i) Rush (cleaned, bleached or dyed):
14019031.00, temporarily not arranged for bidding
(ii) Rush Products:
46012911.11 Jacquard mats, double-sided mats; mats of rush (with unit area more than 1 square meter, whether binding or not);

46012911.12   Other mats of rush (with unit area more than 1 square meter, whether binding or not);

94042100.10  Mats covered with rush (with unit area more than 1 square meter, whether binding or not).

II. Volume Subject to Bidding

Volume subject to this bidding: 25.6 million kilograms (accounting for 80% of the total volume of bidding in the whole year)

III. Bid Qualification

1. Enterprises with qualification of foreign trade operators, having registered in the administration for industry and commerce and joined in China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Light Industrial Products and Arts-Crafts (for foreign-invested enterprises, having joined in China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment ); enterprises with a registered capital reaching to RMB 500,000; enterprises with sales income (including export and domestic sales) in 2011 reaching to RMB 3 million; and enterprises with the average annual export performance of rush products reaching to 50,000 kilograms or with the average annual performance of good supplies of rush products reaching to 400,000 kilograms during January-September in 2010-2012 according to the statistics of the customs.

IV. Time of Bidding

Time of bid: 9:00 December 25, 2012
Time of bid closing: 11:00 December 26, 2012
Time of bid opening: 15:00 December 26, 2012

V. Bid Mode

(i) The bid shall be conducted through China International Electronic Commerce Network. Bidding Office will accept no bids in writing. The enterprises may bid online by the following two ways:

1. Member enterprises of China International Electronic Commerce Network may bid through dedicated dial-up network.

2. Non-member enterprises of China International Electronic Commerce Network may log on the Internet first and then log on the dedicated network with the VPN user names and passwords (see the table below) (only for users with Win2000/XP operating system) for free bidding provisionally announced by China International Electronic Commerce Center. The address of the server for connecting VPN is:

User Name Password

(ii) A bid enterprise can only submit one electronic bid before the specified closing time. When the same bidder successfully submits more than two (inclusive) electronic bids, such bids of the bid enterprise are deemed invalid. The failure of a bid enterprise to submit the electronic bid before the specified closing time shall be deemed as an automatic waiver of bid qualification.

(iii) Ten minutes after a bid enterprise accomplishes bid operation, the bid enterprise may visit the “Enterprise Information Service System of Electronic Bidding” under China International Electronic Commerce Network to check whether its bid has been successfully accepted by the host or not. When “The bid has been successfully accepted and the bidding is completed” is shown during the inquiry of the bid acceptance, the bid operation is accomplished. No feedback on the successful acceptance of a bid by the host can be guaranteed as for checks submitted by the bid enterprise within 30 minutes before bid closing.

(iv) If any fault occurs on the electronic bid, please contact with China International Electronic Commerce Center at the customer service hotline two hours before the time of bid closing at the least so that it can be settled in a timely manner. Otherwise, the bid enterprise shall be responsible for its own bid operation failure.
China International Electronic Commerce Center: customer service hotline: 010-67870108, (press 1 then 3 after dialing through); Fax: 010-67800343; Service e-mail:

VI. Minimum Bid Price

The minimum bid price of this bidding is RMB 0.30 per kilogram. Any bid with a lower price than the minimum price will be deemed invalid by the bidding committee for export commodity quotas.

VII. Bid Volume

The maximum bid volume of a bid enterprise (including the foreign-invested enterprise) is determined by the bidding office based on the average export performance and quantity of export supplies during January-September in 2010-2012 (quantity of export and export supplies= quantity of export + quantity of export supplies × 50%, where the quantity of export supplies does not include the quantity of self-running export) ×80%×1.08. As the export commodity quota is approved by the bidding committee for export commodity quotas, China International Electronic Commerce Center sets up the maximum bid volume for the enterprise through the electronic bid. The enterprise may receive its maximum bid volume from the electronic bid.

Any bid with a higher bid volume than the maximum volume will be deemed invalid by the bidding committee for export commodity quotas.

VIII. Inquiry of Bid Acceptance Results

This opening bid is opened on December 26, 2012, and the preliminary bid acceptance results will be released on China International Electronic Commerce Network at 9:00 December 27. Any bid enterprise with questions may submit its questions to the bidding office before 16:00 December 28. As of 9:00 December 30, all bidders may check the bid acceptance results on China International Electronic Commerce Network. The bidding office will not issue Acceptance Notice to the accepted bidders in written form.

IX. Accepted Bid Security

The accepted bid security of this bidding is 20% of the accepted bid amount, that is, after the bidder is accepted, it shall deposit the accepted bid security (accepted bid price × accepted bid volume ×20%) in the designated bank account (Account name: China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Light Industrial Products and Arts-Crafts; deposit bank: Beijing Wanda Plaza Branch of China CITIC Bank; Account No.: 7112410189800000811) before January 15, 2013. The bid enterprise that fails to submit the accepted bid security in a timely manner and makes the quota invalid will be penalized by the bidding committee in accordance with relevant provisions of the bidding method and its implementing rules.

X. The address of the bidding office of export quotas of rush products: 10F, Building 12, Panjiayuan South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (Zip code: 100021)
Contact No.: 010-87789540, 87789545 Fax: 010-67700374

Bidding Committee of Export Commodity Quotas
December 20, 2012

List of Bid Enterprises Participating in This Open Bidding

1.Ningbo Arts & Crafts Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.
2.Ningbo Zhonglin Foreign Trade Co., Ltd.
3.Ningbo Xinyi Lin Straw Products Co., Ltd.
4.Ningbo Kaseen Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd.
5.Ningbo Hengtai Grass Products Co., Ltd.
6.Ningbo Xinxing Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.
7.Ningbo Reyda International Economic & Trade Corp., Ltd.
8.Ningbo Sunland Adornment Products Co., Ltd.
9.Ningbo Huijia Waving Co., Ltd.
10.Ningbo Tianyun Straw Art Co., Ltd.
11.Ningbo Huabei Knitting Products Co., Ltd.
12.Sichuan Sunland Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.
13.Ningbo Xingning Handicrafts Industrial Co., Ltd.
14.Ningbo Yinzhou Huateng Crafts Factory
15.Chuzhou Jinquan Straw Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
16.Ningbo Living Way Craftwork Co., Ltd.
17.Ningbo CNACC Import & Export Co., Ltd.
18.Ningbo Yinzhou Xingming Craft Woven Product Co., Ltd.
19.Ningbo Yinzhou Hengye Industry Trade Co., Ltd.
20.Zhejiang Arts & Crafts Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.
21.Zhejiang Yiwei Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.
22.Taizhou Dubian Crafts Co., Ltd.
23.Jiangsu Holly Corporation
24.China Arts and Crafts Nanjing I/E Corp.
25.Shanghai Arts & Crafts Daily Products Imp/Exp Co., Ltd.
26.Shanghai Jingmao Industrial Co., Ltd.
27.Shanghai Xingri Mats Products Co., Ltd.
28.Sichuan Meishan Xingda Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.
29.Sichuan Arts And Crafts Import And Export Corporation
30.Anhui Arts & Crafts Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.
31.Hefei Yiyuan Straw Products Co., Ltd.
32. Hubei Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.
33.China Plaited Products Co., Ltd.
34.Ningbo Yinzhou Changji Handicraft Knitting Factory
35.Ningbo Orient Mats Production Co., Ltd.
36. Zhoushan Huachun Light Industrial Products Co., Ltd.
37.Changxing Yongriming Rush Products Co., Ltd.
38.Meishan Fenghe Straw Business Development Co., Ltd.
39.Sichuan Meishan Huateng Craft Company Limited
40.Sichuan Meishan Huafeng Lgusa Products Developing Co., Ltd.
41.Sichuan Huasheng Igusa Developing Co., Ltd.
42. Sichuan Meishan Hexin Igusa Products Developing Co., Ltd.